Goblue picture made by LT

Normal Goblu(picture by Little Trunks)


Goblue Son is a 13 year old half saiyan born on earth. He is the son of Gohan and the Grandson of Goku. He is very skilled in swordsmanship and wears clothing very similar to his fathers but blue. He was trained by his grandfather Goku,Uncle Goten, and
Goblue bio super sayian

Super Bio Sayain Goblu (Made by trunksfan189 aka my sis give here credit)

Father Gohan.


Goblue wears Dark Blue and Light Blue clothing extremely similar to his fathers.


Father - Gohan

Mother - Videl

Grandfather - Goku

Grandmother - Chi-Chi

Grandfather - Mr.Satan
Ssj goblue

super sayian goblu (Picture by Little Trunks)

Grandmother - Unknown

Uncle - Goten

Brother - Tranx

Brother - Gokan

Sister - Pan

Best friend - Runks

Friend - Dro



Galick Gun
Goblue SSJ2

SSJ2 Goblu (picture made by Little Trunks

Special Beam Cannon


Spirit Bomb

Martial Arts

Ki Blast

Super Kamehameha

High Speed Rush

Super Spirit Bomb


Galick Gum


Great Ape
Goblue SSJ3

SSJ3 Goblu

Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan 2

Super Saiyan 3

Super Saiyan 4


Fusion with Tranx Gotranx

failed fusion with Tranx Trablue

Fusion with Gokan Goban

Fusion with Dark Darkblue


Goblu ssj4 made by TDG

What if FusionsEdit

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Gohule (Fusion Dance With Gohan )